Tracey-Leigh Wessels & Associates are an established Durban divorce

If you are planning to end your marriage or relationship, you should consider using the services of a divorce lawyer in Durban. The law firm Durban Law has a reputation for being one of the best in the city and has been helping people with divorces since 1995. You can also consider hiring a lawyer from Jenna Jones Attorneys.

Tracey-Leigh Wessels

Tracey-Leigh Wessels & Associates are an established Durban divorce and family law firm that offers mediation and other legal services. They have extensive experience in family law and specialize in family mediation. They provide focused services and are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for their clients.

Tracey-Leigh has been practising as a family law attorney since 1997. In the 1990s, mediation was not considered a viable alternative to litigation, but she continued to develop her skills. In 2010, she expanded her practice and attended a Civil and Commercial Mediator Training Programme run by the ADR Group. She has since applied her experience to a wide variety of civil mediation cases.

Jenna Jones Attorneys

Jenna Jones, a lawyer and the founder of Jenna Jones Attorneys, was dedicated to offering her clients premium service. In addition to providing expert legal advice, she actively advocates for her clients’ needs. She is a member of the Kwazulu-Natal Law Society and is qualified to practice in South Africa and Australia.

Bradley Aliphon & Associates

Bradley Aliphon and his team have been serving clients in the Durban area for more than 30 years. They offer a personal approach to their practice and take pride in their expertise. Their practice spans theĀ divorce lawyers in durban whole spectrum of family law, from divorces and access and custody applications to family violence. Their expertise in these areas is vital to clients going through divorce and other family related matters.

Karen Olivier

The Law Offices of Karen Olivier are family law specialists. Their goal is to protect the rights of children while upholding the rights of parents. Their attorneys have decades of experience representing both sides in child related cases. They have successfully negotiated and litigated many cases, from child custody to child support.

Their office is located at 3 Hampden Road, Morningside, Durban 4001, South Africa. You can contact them to set up an appointment. You can also check out their contact details and opening hours.


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