Restaurants are a great option for school fundraising

To create the Best Fundraiser for your group, start with the things you love to do. It doesn’t have to be a fundraiser that is related to your hobby, but it should be something you enjoy doing. Get creative and find a unique way to incorporate your passion. For instance, a winter Solstice celebration would be a fun idea. Guests could spend the evening sledding, making snow angels, sipping warming cider, and enjoying astronomy apps.


Restaurants are a great option for school fundraising. They can be used to supplement a core fundraising program or as their own events. Most restaurants are happy to donate a percentage of sales to a group. But in order to get the maximum benefit, it is important to promote the event well in advance. It is also helpful to give the event a theme and offer small door prizes.

Wine tastings

Wine tasting fundraisers are a great way to attract donors outside of your supporter base. This type of event can also help you build your donor database. Wine companies are often looking to promote their products, which will reduce your fundraising costs. A wine tasting fundraiser can also be combined with Best Fundraiser other fundraisers.

Bake sales

There are many ways to raise money through a bake sale. One of the most popular ways is to hold a neighborhood stand, or drive-through. Make sure to post a clear menu and follow traffic regulations. Safety is also an important consideration, as you will be selling to the public. Another great idea is to hold a bake sale at a library or bookstore event.


Potatoes are one of the most popular side dishes and they are inexpensive to purchase in bulk. They are also easy to store and can be prepared in many ways. Potato fundraisers can be fun events like a Halloween potato costume parade and you can charge admission for your attendees.


The Ed. Foundation, a group dedicated to supporting the Port Washington School District, is running a fundraiser in collaboration with Ikedo Ramen. Residents can participate in this fundraiser by mentioning the foundation when ordering. Ikedo will donate a portion of the profits from the fundraiser to the foundation.

Flower workshops

There are many benefits to using flower workshops as a fundraiser. Not only will the attendees learn how to design and make a beautiful bouquet, but they’ll also receive instruction and refreshments. This type of event is ideal for holiday parties, team building activities, and fundraisers.


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