Promise Ministries: A Ministry of Hope

Promise Ministries is based on the teachings of Bible and Christian morals. It has branches in fifteen countries of the world and ministry is aimed at one goal: “To minister to God’s people through revitalizing their lives and building a network of local ministries.” Promise Ministries’ Bible teaching and homeschooling curriculum draw inspiration from the words of the Holy Bible, and it is centered around the “word of God”. Promise Ministries also looks at how various activities can revitalize the lives of local children.

Promise Ministries

Promise Ministries believes that God wants to save lives, and they go to great lengths to follow His word. They follow the example set by Jesus Christ who was born to a rich family, went to the cross, was crucified and rose again four days after his death. Promise Ministries believes that what Christ accomplished on the cross can be achieved through activities and ministries. Activities and ministries include but are not limited to, Promise Keepers, Family 4 One, Village of Hope, and youth ministries.

Promise Ministries believes that the work of Jesus Christ began even before His birth. His miracles began on earth and He left an everlasting message for all mankind. Through the ages, we have tried to implement some of those messages, but some of them have been corrupted. For example, the “Bible Promise” that Jesus Christ gave to His followers was corrupted and it now endorses child trafficking, which goes against the teachings of the Holy Bible. Promise Ministries goes to great lengths to make sure that the children that they send to these villages are well-off, healthy and able to contribute to the development of their countries.

The ministry of Promise Ministries has helped and given shelter to many families that were struggling. In return, these families have brought many miracles into the lives of many single moms who were struggling to raise their children on their own. The teachings of the Holy Bible are powerful and can help any family survive, but sometimes a little more is needed.

Promise Ministries has ministry programs for single mothers and a number of other services. The church provides housing and the family is provided with food, clothing, schooling and medical attention. The focus of these efforts is on providing an opportunity for the single mothers to become self-sufficient and build a life that they will be proud of. The ministry also sponsors homes for those families that qualify for financial assistance through the government and other charitable organizations. These families include those that are not as fortunate to be born into a family that has a good income but do not have access to a good school.

If you would like to help the ministry of Promise Ministries, you can help by donating your time, money or products. The ministries focus on providing opportunities for women to fulfill their life promises and to develop the character of the children that they have. They believe that God’s love is limitless and that anyone who possesses it can live an abundant life. Some of the ministry activities that you can participate in are: Promise Walk – Visit East Stroudsburg and visit the Promise Ministries to learn more about what they do and to see the work that they do.

The Promise Walk was started thirty-six years ago and thousands walk the streets of East Stroudsburg each year. The ministry believes that we live in a world where people are struggling and living in a state of depression, fear, insecurity and confusion. They feel that God wants us to live differently and to have hope for our future. If you would like to help, there is a website at Promise Ministries that you can visit and donate through the link below. Anyone over the age of eighteen can donate.

Other activities that you can participate in are: Visit the 24 three-point garden road, which are a Jesus Christ burial site; visit St. Philip’s house, which is a holy place of refuge for many people in the Word of God; and participate in the emergency aid ministry. There is a special button located on the front page of the website that you can click on to learn more about emergency aid, donating money and to volunteer. If you want to see what the emergency aid ministry is all about, then you can click on the link below to access the website.


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