Emma Comfort Review – Firmness and Edge Support

The Emma Comfort mattress comes in various varieties. The original version is a memory-foam based mattress that is made in the UK. It is one of many memory foam brands in the UK. Here we’ll discuss the firmness and edge support of this product. Also, we’ll talk about its four-layer construction.

Hybrid mattress

Emma produces a number of mattresses, including the hybrid mattress Emma Comfort. This mattress is designed to be firmer than the Original Hybrid, but it’s still accommodating enough for most sleepers. However, it’s not as supportive under the hips as an all-foam mattress, so it’s not the best choice for back sleepers. For these customers, the Original Hybrid or the Original Emma may be a better option.

Emma’s customer service is one of the best things about the company. If you have a problem with your new mattress, you can contact Emma and ask for a refund or exchange. During the trial period, you can try the mattress for up to 100 nights at no charge. You don’t even need to return the box.

Four-layer construction

The four-layer construction of the Emma Comfort is designed to provide deep support and pressure relief. It is made with dense polyfoam, memory foam, and Airgocell foam to help keep you cool and comfortable on the bed. These layers are combined to provide zoned support for your body and relieve pressure from your joints. The cover is made of a polyester-blend with natural heat-dispersion properties.

The top cover of Emma is made from a premium design that combines climate-regulating fibers. ThisĀ Emma Comfort review makes the mattress breathable and does not retain heat like traditional latex mattresses. Its cover is also flexible so that it can conform to the shape of your body. You can remove the cover to wash it and replace it if you feel uncomfortable.


The Emma Comfort is the latest release from the makers of the Emma Original mattress. This mattress is an all-foam model with temperature-regulating foam and a zoned support system. It’s affordable and ships in one to seven business days. However, customers are split on how firm the mattress is. Some have said it’s too soft, while others have said it’s too firm. Emma is a European brand that’s found a niche in the Australian market.

The Emma Comfort mattress is made with three layers: a top layer made of synthetic breezy fibre, a base layer made with German cut-out technology, and a layer of high density HRX foam with open cell technology. These three layers give the mattress the firmness and contour you need to keep your spine aligned.

Edge support

The Emma Comfort Edge support provides a firm base and a soft top layer for a comfortable sleep surface. Its all-foam construction doesn’t offer perfect edge support and may not be ideal for those who want a completely even sleep surface. However, this mattress’ softer top layer prevents significant sinking and works in conjunction with the firmer base to provide a responsive sleeping surface.

Another advantage to the Emma Original is that it has an extra-thick perimeter, which increases the usable surface area. This can be useful for couples who enjoy sexual activity while sleeping. However, it also means sacrificing motion isolation and pressure relief. The close-conforming memory foam comfort layer may hinder position changes and the polyfoam core lacks springiness. These may be problematic for active sleepers.


The Emma Comfort price includes free delivery to the contiguous United States. The bed is shipped directly from the warehouse to your doorstep using UPS or FedEx. It may take one to 10 days for delivery, depending on where you live. However, if you live in a metro area, you can expect delivery within three to five business days. The mattress arrives folded and compressed in a box for shipping. You should unpack it yourself once it arrives.

The Emma Comfort mattress is an excellent choice if you want a mattress that contours to your body. Its memory foam comfort layer has a gentle sinking effect, without causing the user to feel smothered. The airgocell layer helps balance the mattress’s firmness, and helps keep your back and hips aligned.


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